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Pull strategy for racks


Hi everybody,

I'm simulating an warehouse, with 200 types of SKUs equally distributed into 5 departments (racks). There's a central stock before the racks, where the items arrive from the source. I need to set a dedicated storage strategy in the racks, in order to make them have at maximum 10 units of each item type. So, i need the racks to pull the items from the stock, depending of the quantity of each one they already have.

Each rack is responsable for 40 item types and each rack has a maximum content of 400 units. So, there can be at maximum 10 units of each item type in a rack, even if there are another blank spaces in the rack. I tried the pull strategy pulling from item list, but I didn't succeed. Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much!!

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I wrote a source code in the pull requirement. It is the same for all departments. Each department contains a standard range of SKU. Department1 the SKU range is 1 to 40; Department2 range 41 to 80. The range is defined by the output port number of the previous queue connected to the Departments. Then I count the SKUs in the rack. If 10 SKUs are already stored the tested item isn't pulled in the requirement (For "do not Pull" is the source code return-value false or "0". Otherwise I pull the item with the return value of true or "1". Somewhere in the model is a stop event that stops the model simulation run at 88 time units. Simply press run in the simulation control panel again and the simulation runs over this stop time.

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To Flexsim Inc: I worked on the model with a educational license.

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@Jörg Vogel Thank you very much, Jörg! The logic helped a lot! It's my first time in the forum and it's wonderful to see how helpful and cooperative everybody is here.

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Hi @Fernanda Becker, you asked another question as part of this response, but I separated it into its own question, here.

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Thanks to you and @Jörg Vogel for your participation on this Q&A, and on the forum!

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