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FloWorks free trial limited?

I am using FloWorks, but as pic shows, the SetFlowOutputTriggerAmount command do nothing!

FloWorks maybe not a free module. Could you tell me the FloWorks free trial limited?

FlexSim 16.0.7
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@Frenk Gao

The function SetFlowOutputTriggerAmount() function sets the amount at which the output trigger will fire. If you would write a msg() on the OnOutput trigger of the source, and you would call this function and then run the model the msg box will show when 50 has left the source. Be careful, this value is removed at reset. So you should reset the model, call this function, run the model and then this trigger will fire. Or even better set this function in the onreset trigger of the source with the use of the predefined options:

The function GetFlowInputTriggerAmount does nothing on a source !!!

If you want to know at what level your output trigger was set you should use GetFlowOutputTriggerAmount(). And that will then return the correct number:

The demo is currently limited on the number of objects that can be connected to the FlowController and the number of events.

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I try Tutorials - FloWorks FlowTriggers and FlowCommands in User Manual.

And write SetFlowOutputTriggerAmount command in LoadingBerth OnEntry Trigger but the FlowSource12 OnOutput Trigger do nothing!

At the same time, the code:

SetFlowOutputTriggerAmount(node("FlowSource12", model()),50);

run in Script can fire FlowSource12 OnOutput Trigger.

Sorry for my poor English, waiting for your reply.

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Hi Frenk. As Steven indicated, the FloWorks demo only limits the number of objects and events, it does not restrict any code from executing. I had a look at your model and it seems like the version of FloWorks that you are using indeed had a bug in the Input / Output Trigger. About two weeks after the initial release we have created a patch which solves this issue, but for reasons unclear to me this bug fix version was never made available in the FlexSim Downloads section. We are working on getting it uploaded there, but in the mean time feel free to grab a new installer from this WeTransfer link (I assumed you are using a 64-bit version of FlexSim, if you require a 32-bits installer please let me know). The bug fix was applied to all later releases, so should you decide to upgrade to FlexSim version 16.2 you should be able to just use the installer provided in your Downloads section. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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I download the right version, and work perfect!

We should @ the flexsim developer to fix it for more FloWorks user.(I do not know how to @ someone)

@phil.bobo @anthony.johnson

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