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License activation and sharing

I recently renewed my license, and am needing to share it with a co-worker. I set this up over phone a few weeks ago. Looking in my account, I am unsure if the license is installed on my computer. I also need some instructions on how to get my co-worker flexsim on his computer. I've had to do manual return and activation every time I've downloaded. I just need some assistance on this. Thanks

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Hi @Matthew Pugh,

In the future please break up multiple questions into their own separate posts on individual topics. It helps keep the community more streamlined and useful for others searching for similar issues. Please see the community best practices for more info.


Sharing licenses allows others you choose to see your licenses and their status when they log in to their own FlexSim account. Sharing is configured from within the license owner's FlexSim account. The person you're sharing with will also need to have a FlexSim account already created.

To configure sharing, visit your account's sharing page at Enter their FlexSim account email address and press the Add button.

If the person you are sharing with is already logged in, they will need to log out, then log back in to see the change.

License Status

You can see a license's history by viewing it within your FlexSim account and clicking the license code itself. This will expand the license's history and will show you who last activated the license and on what computer (if that info is available).

The user, computer, and IP address info won't be available if your license was activated/returned manually, or if that extra info was blocked by a firewall, timed out, or otherwise didn't make it to our servers.

You can check what licenses are installed on a particular computer by opening FlexSim and going to Help>License Activation>View license rights tab, press View License Rights button. This will print out all licenses on your PC as well as their current status.

Activating/Returning Licenses

These videos show Internet activation and return:

If your PC can't connect to the Internet, is behind strict firewalls that prohibit communication with the license server, or any other network issue that prevents FlexSim software from communication online with the license server, you may need to do manual activations/returns.

A manual activation or return is accomplished by generating and processing XML files, passing them back and forth with FlexSim here at Answers (with a private question) or via email. This allows the communication to get around firewalls or across air gaps in networks.

To start a manual activation, open FlexSim and go to Help>License Activation>Advanced tab. Choose the Manual Activation sub-tab. Paste in your activation ID, then click Generate Request. You will be prompted to save an XML file. Save it to any convenient location, then come here to Answers to post a new question. Be sure to mark the new question as private so as not to publicly share your license info, which is included in the XML activation request. Explain what you're doing and attach the XML request to your post. FlexSim will respond within a business day with the response, which you will then process on your PC to activate your license.

This essentially mirrors what happens with Internet activation, but the communication steps are all manual.

If you can work with your IT department to allow FlexSim to communicate online with the license server, FlexSim software needs to connect to the following servers for Internet activations/returns:

Communication is via HTTP and HTTPS over standard ports 80 and 443.

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