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load boxes into racks use global table

Hi, i need to load boxes into 4 racks with specific bay level and slot using global table "Inventories". The boxes also need to recive label on their entry in the racks I attached the model and the excel file.

05042021 racks.fsm


FlexSim 21.0.3
global tableflexsim 21.0.3load into racks
inventories.xlsx (11.3 KiB)
05042021-racks.fsm (61.4 KiB)
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@Luca M This is your 4th post asking the same question and you don't seem to reply to the questions asked in the other posts. What will make this post any different? Did you watch the video linked in the last post? Did that not help?

We can create the model logic/process and send it to you but it will first of all have assumptions (since you haven't answered the questions asked) and secondly this is such a simple thing, you should learn how to do it so you can benefit from FlexSim further.

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Hi @jason.lightfoot, i watched the video but, despite my model it's very simple thing i repeatedly have problem in the same field. I can make a model with single pick, i can make a model with same type pick but i can't combine the two model in once. I think that the solution is closer but i can't find it. This is my last model with operator that take boxes in different moment even if label type are the same. I can't go on. I made some questions because the model is for my thesis project at university

pf-23032021-1 (4).fsm

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Hi @Luca M, was jason.lightfoot's answer helpful? If so, please click the red "Accept" button at the bottom of their answer. Or if you still have questions, add a comment and we'll continue the conversation.

If we haven't heard back from you within 3 business days we'll auto-accept an answer, but you can always unaccept and comment back to reopen your question.

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Hi @Ben Wilson Jason's advice was helpful in clarifying ideas of what i want but the model always has the same problem. If rows have the same label "Type", i need that the operator picks boxes consecutively . The operator still pick the same "Type" box and put it in different pallet. Even if i followed janson's advice. I attached the restored model with my process flow. Could you kindly show me on the model del correct process because i can't find the right way.


Thank you

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08042021.fsm (179.3 KiB)

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Here's a flow diagram for one approach - you'd just need to add the activities for each block:

1617643708456.png (62.0 KiB)
1617644201623.png (59.7 KiB)
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