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New Answers Website Feature - In App Notifications

A new feature has been added to our Answers Platform. In App notifications are now available for all users. These are instant notifications designed to work in coordination with or in place of email notifications. You'll now see a bell icon next to your avatar in the upper-right hand corner of your browser on the Answers website.

In order for this location to start showing notifications, you will need to click on your avatar and choose 'My Preferences' Then click the Notifications tab in the top Navigation Bar.

From here, you can choose to set certain actions to notify you instantly by selecting the radio button next to the action you would like to be notified on.

Once there is content matching your notification settings, you'll see a red circle on the bell icon, as shown below:


If you click the Bell icon, you will be redirected to a page showing all your recent notifications which will show you a summary of the notification as well as a link to the post:


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