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3D Flow Mapper


The attached model contains functionality to depict the item flow as a 3D map using a FlowMapper3D Object (cylinder) and an associated Object Process Flow.

Additionally a 'kpi' label on the object gives an indication of layout performance to which you can link and observe as you interact/experiment on the layout.


To set this up in your model you'll need to add a Group of objects whose entry events will be used by the mapper - calling that Group "FlowMapperObjects". Then you'll need to add a ColorPalette called "HeatPalette". Finally you'll want to copy the FlowMapper3D object and the FlowMapperProcess to your model.

Note that there is a boolean label 'showPercents' on the FlowMapper3D object to tell it whether to show percentage text or the number of flowitems for each location pair.


sankey diagramflowmap
3dflowmapper.gif (449.2 KiB)
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3dflowmapper.fsm (37.5 KiB)
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Hi Jason,Model is showing this exception.

time: 36.199861 exception: FlexScript exception: Label property totalTrips retrieved on /FlowMapper3D. Label does not exist. at MODEL:/Tools/ProcessFlow/FlowMapperProcess/UpdateMaps>variables/codeNode at line 10

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Thanks Arun - I thought I'd checked my last minute changes - I've re-uploaded the model with the fix.

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