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VR Demo Models

vrvr modevirtual realitydemo model
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Anutt K avatar image Anutt K commented ·

Thank You. Now I have some problem about VR with these model. I use FlexSim with Oculus Rift it can play game by use VR Touch and Headset normally. But VR Touch can't use in FlexSim Model.

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Łukasz E avatar image Łukasz E Anutt K commented ·

I came across the same problem with Oculus Touch, flexsim can render model in VR and while I'm in VR i can only move my head i cannot use controllers to manipulate in the VR model

If you figured out how to fix it I would be greatful if you let me know

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Ralf Gruber avatar image Ralf Gruber ♦ commented ·
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Felix Möhlmann avatar image Felix Möhlmann Ralf Gruber ♦ commented ·

Hi @Ralf Gruber, thanks for linking to the post, but the user seems to have set it as private again. I've posted an article with the model attached here, so it stays available.

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Oscar N avatar image Oscar N commented ·

Are there any similar newer demos to try oculus glasses on FlexSim?

I will try these models when I can install an older version of FlexSim but I want to learn code in this enviroment and I think this models could be a bit obsolete.

Thanks a lot.

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Phil BoBo avatar image Phil BoBo ♦♦ Oscar N commented ·

These models all work fine on the latest version of FlexSim, even though they were built in older versions of FlexSim.

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