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Lighting system/gamma setting in RTX mode

RTX mode looks beautiful, however it also looks very dark and cluttered with shadows.


As there is no way to turn off shadows in RTX mode, could you add a daylight lighting system or gamma setting or allow the ambient light to affect RTX mode?

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thank you

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It's probably better to have the lights stored as objects in the model tree (not tools) too so that you don't have to recreate for every view. Also allow them to be placed in the object hierarchy so that viewing a cell as the focus doesn't mean you lose all of the lighting (as you lose conveyors currrently)
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Maybe you find SDKs for your graphic card to set special parameters controlling in general values of shadow creation. C++ libraries have been very common in games creation in the past. So I think that you can find appropriate classes to take influence from FlexSim on such classes.
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Here's an example script for the creation of a grid of lights for a view. To run it you should first right click the view background and choose "View->Desginate This View (sv)" and alter any of the commented values to suit your need.


It seems the more lights you have, the slower the rendering will be.

treenode view=sv();   //right click the view background and choose set as sv()
Vec3 startloc=Vec3(-10,-10,20);   // the SouthWest most corner of the lighting grid (min x and y)
double xsize=20;      //  grid x size
double ysize=20;      //  grid y size
double brightness=0.01;  // brightness per light
int spacing=2;            // grid spacing
double x0=startloc.x;
double y0=startloc.y;
double z0=startloc.z;
int lightidx=0;
double x;double y;
treenode lights=viewlights(view);
treenode light=lights.first;
while (lights.subnodes.length>1)
for (int xidx=0;x0+xidx*spacing<x0+xsize;xidx++) {
    for (int yidx=0;y0+yidx*spacing<y0+ysize;yidx++) {
        if (lightidx>1)
            light=createcopy(light,lights);"Light Source "+lightidx;

Note that with good settings for RTX, the lights may be incorrect for non-RTX viewing - requiring more ambient light to correct which is not ideal. The whole system needs calibrating or an exposure/gamma setting adding.

Also note that if you close the view you lose the light setting since it's not currently stored with the model - is the view window that contains the definitions. Because of this you may/not want to set it as the default view.


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Lambert avatar image Lambert commented ·

Thank you very much Jason!

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Jason Lightfoot avatar image Jason Lightfoot ♦ Lambert commented ·
Apparently the view lighting system exists alongside a model lighting system that was introduced in 2020 and for which objects from the library (visuals section) can be dragged into the model. This includes area, point and directional lights which may do a better job then the view lights.
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