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Keyboard shortcuts in Tree view

I'm not sure this forum is the right place to ask. I'm mostly a keyboard user, and I would really appreciate if FlexSim allowed to minimize mouse usage, especially when working with tree and code. The following functions have to be accessible as keyboard shortcuts and/or as FlexScript functions to allow for keyboard editing of the tree:

  • go to next and previous node or sibling (like up/down keys in Windows explorer)
  • go up one level and expand the node and descend one level (like left/right keys in Windows explorer)
  • expand and collapse the subtree and attributes subtree (plus, minus and ">" are good candidates)
  • enter edit modes, leave edit modes without changes, and confirm edits; in particular
    • rename mode (like F2/Esc/Enter; currently requires clicking precisely on the name, using the keyboard and then clicking another time outside the node to finish renaming)
    • edit data (currently there are shortcuts to add data to a node, but then users have to click three times: on the node name, then on the data field, then outside to finish edits)
    • explore node as code/table/tree (F4 or Ctrl-E?) -- effectively, enter an advanced edit mode
  • quick navigation (something like Ctrl-G or /, then type partial node path, Enter, jump to another node)
  • copy and paste functions (currently are only available through a second-level context menu)

Optionally, it would be nice to be able to:

  • change name width (currently requires to open Quick Properties panel and click buttons there)
  • select/deselect nodes
  • "designate this node as so"
  • hide/show the quick view of the data

To support this usage, Flexsim should also allow some kind of keyboard switchinig between panes (in particular, switching between recent code, script, and tree view panes, even if they're not in the same tab group). Technically it's possible to drop a custom module into a Flexsim installation which will insert shortcuts into MAIN:/project/exec/globals/accelerators, but applicationcommand("treeview") and applicationcommand("scriptwindow") open new panes, so it's necessary to write code looking through VIEW:/active. It would be much easier if Flexsim supported keyboard users out of the box. A window/pane switcher similar to Command-T or CtrlP in Vim, Ctrl-P in Sublime, Atom, and VS Code would be perfect.

Keyboard navigation would also greatly improve accessibility of the package for people with motoric challenges. Reaching for mouse less often is also good for ergonomics.

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You can add your own shortcuts described in this thread. Another link is forwarded there, too.

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Next/previous, up/down navigation shortcuts can be implemented using selectedobject and setselectedobject functions. How renaming, data editing and explore as code could be invoked, given a selectedobject node?

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