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Crane and operator

I am working on a model where there are some components which needs crane while installation and some dont. I dont want to simulate any crane movement, i just want Crane object or a TE object to be utilized while crane is getting used so that i can pull statistics from it. I tried a small model by using a basic TE object but its not working. Please help. Operator and Crane simultaneous.fsm

FlexSim 21.2.1
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Then I would place a crane somewhere in the model. The crane gets an item to transport when the operator would use a crane. On Load trigger of the operator I open an output of a queue which results in using a crane as transport. The crane transports the item to another queue. I set a different location of this queue to replicate the time of transport the operator does.
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Is the crane being a acquired a prerequisite for the processors working? Because currently the items are being processed independent of your process flow, leading to tokens becoming stuck in the "Wait for Event". The corresponding item was already processed and reached the sink, while the token waited for the resource, so the event that the token is waiting for has already happened.
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can you help me by editing my model. I tried everything but its seems to not work.
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I added some activities to your process flow to make it work (I'm not sure this is exactly what you want though).

I stop the processor until it has acquired the "crane". Once it has it gets resumed and the state of the crane is set to "Utilize". When the process has finished, the crane state gets reset to idle.

The first two activities (Wait for Event - ProcessTime and Delay) make sure that the process has properly started (although no time has elapsed yet) before the processor gets stopped.

Without it I noticed some timing issues, where the "process finish" event would still get scheduled if the stopping activity happened at the same time.


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thank you. This makes a lot of sense. its just it needs to acquire the crane after the operator is available otherwise the utilization will not be accurate. But I can figure that out. Thanks for your help.
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