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Flexscript problem: How to assign a pointer value from a cell to a object?

May I ask why the return value(Member1 & Member2) couldn't be assigned to a label called "ToStation". In line 37 the label of 3D model also not reassigned.

In line26 I use Group class to refer to the Table("Table_FindOven"), the cell has a pointer value.

May I ask if it's because I shouldn't assign a pointer value in a cell to Object class directly? How could I fix it? Thank you.




FlexSim 21.2.0
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I don't understand what the for-loop at the beginning of your code should achieve. It simply sets "getOvenSet" to 5 each time it runs.

The code works fine on my end though (except the "print" - you probably want to use "" to print the name of the object. While a pointer can be printed out on it's ows, it can't be added onto a string).

The issue seems to be that the "toStation" gets assigned to the token, yet in the next activity you try to read it from the item when filling the row in the "TaskTable".

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Thank you for your help, I've fixed the problem!
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