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Mark Gormley asked Ryan Clark commented

Load module from outside of program files

I have some write restrictions on the Program files folder for this computer. Is it possible to load modules without them residing in the program files folder? For example somewhere within program data or another location they can be stored and load automatically with FlexSim?

FlexSim 21.1.4
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Jeanette F answered Jason Lightfoot commented

Hello @Mark Gormley,

You can uninstall FlexSim from your computer and then reinstall it in a new directory such as documents. You will then be able to put your module into that program/modules/ folder.

If you cannot uninstall FlexSim then you cannot install another FlexSim of the same version.

To work around this you could follow @Ben Wilson's methodology. Copy the program's entire folder (default location C:\Program Files\FlexSim <year> [Update <update#>]) to some custom, writeable location.

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Or you could try making the modules folder a symbolic link to somewhere else.
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Mark Gormley avatar image Mark Gormley Jason Lightfoot ♦ ·
Thanks Jason, good to hear from you! unfortunately i am blocked from creating symlinks
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Thanks for the suggestion Jeanette,

Unfortunately my company has put a wrapper around the installer that fixes the install location. I am prevented from running the installer in isolation by security settings on the machine.

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Have you tried the other option of copying the entire folder to a writable location? Or perhaps create an installer that installs to the modules folder.

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