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Address Scheme / Slot

Hello, in the model attached, I am trying to send the items in Source1 Arrival Schedule to the Racks / Floor Storages based on the address scheme I have in Source1.

However, the items appear on the rack but it is not according to the addressing scheme. The system console also suggests that the "label address doesn't exist on token".

I am new to trying the address scheme/slot, hence I am confused. May I ask how to make the items appear on the rack and floor storages according to the address scheme I have in Source1?

Thank you.


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Your model looks like any problems. Good.


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@David Seo

Hello, thank you for your help.

How do i make the same item appear at the same place?

For example, toy truck in the same address?




Thank you.


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1) If you want to use Address Scheme, read manual carefully. Setting Address scheme in located in the Storage System Address if the tool box.

2) make the reference in the uploaded model. FloorStorage5 object is using each ID of bayID (Type), LevelID and SlotID.

Each IDs are created as Label value on Creation of the source.

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testing2.fsm (53.6 KiB)

Slots are assigned to items either through the "Slot Assignment Strategy" when entering a storage object or through the "Find Slot" activity (or code). Because the storage object the item is send to depends on the assigned slot you want to use the "Find Slot" method.

The slot has to be assigned before the item is send. This can be done by having the "Send to Port" option of the source execute a subflow that determines the slot and returns the correct output port.

In your model you are pretty close, but there are some small errors:

- The query in the Find Slot activity needs a "==" instead of "=".
- Your "Address" label starts with a capital A; in "getSlot" you use "address".
- The bayID has fixed length of 2 in the default address scheme. Adjust either your addresses or the scheme to match.
- The addresses in your model are not unique (maybe this is on purpose?). For example, Both Rack1 and FloorStorage1 have a slot with the address "A-01-04-1-1"


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