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CSN asked Andrew O commented

find slot made model run slowly


I and other users met the same problem about storage sysytem.

When we use 'find slot' activity ,the model runed very slowly.

However the CPU and GPU of computer was used less.




We used 'pull from list' acitivity to replace 'find slot', and the model runed well.

So we wonder why, can this be fixed?

Otherwise the 'find slot' acitivity will be less used.

FlexSim 22.1.3
find slot
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What query are you using in 'Find Slot?'

If you are using the address scheme to find a specific slot it is significantly faster to use 'Storage.system.getSlot()' to look up the slot based on an address string.

If you are using slot labels, indexing them should also speed up the query considerably.

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CSN avatar image CSN Felix Möhlmann ·

There are four conditions in the query, and the address is not sure.

So we cannot use the getSlot method.

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CSN avatar image CSN Felix Möhlmann ·

At the same time, during the test, we found that using WHERE judgment will not affect the speed, but using ORDER sorting will cause the speed to slow down and freeze. Is there a good solution or improvement? Thanks.

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Other than the obvious way of trying to reduce the number of values that have to be sorted, I don't know if/how that could be sped up.
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Hi @CSN,

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