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issue with experimenter


when i run the experimenter, it is not considering trigger logic given in processor.screenshot-4143.png

it just runs the experiment for one hour and i get same output for all scenarios.i have parameters and assigned some values to them and set a scenario for each of parameter level so i need to get a different output for scenarios.

can someone help what needs to be done?

FlexSim 22.0.1
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"stop()" doesn't work with the experimenter or optimizer. Use "endreplication(1)" instead. Depending on which trigger you are using, you might have to send a delayed message and then run the command in the message trigger, instead of directly in the first trigger.

(endreplication deletes all pending events, if the trigger it is called in creates a new event, the replication won't stop)



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thanks for the reply.


i don't know where to add the codes. can you please add required code in this file. i will check and learn.

thanks in advance

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rfidproject.fsm (184.6 KiB)
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The "senddelayedmessage" you use instead of the "stop()" in the On Process Finish trigger. And the "endreplication(1)" in the "On Message" trigger (as you can actually see by the name of the tab in the screenshot).



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thanks for the help.

i expect results in this values


but the result which i get in simulation is of this values.


this is the trigger code i used.

if(uniform(0,1,getstream(current)) < Model.parameters.conveyorspeed * Model.parameters.tagposition * Model.parameters.materials)


senddelayedmessage(current, 0, current);


is there any problem with random number generation as scenario stops with single product read?

what i need to do or correct to obtain some valid results?

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