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Supplemental Resource According to Queue Length


I am trying to add a mobile registration as a supplemental resource when a queue length exceeds a certain value, and then have that resource "on" for the next hour, then turn "off".

Option 1) Use create token and a subflow (or a list??) to turn on the mobile resource and then turn it off eventually. This is my current solution but the problem is that my created token is linked to a patient and is destroyed when the patient leaves. A hack-y solution is just to keep tokens in the model for a large amount of time, but I would rather know how to do it properly. My current solution does not turn the resource on/off - it just sends the tokens to the mobile registration station logical flow.

Option 2) Find a way to turn resources on/off and pool the patients into one queue that has both the registrations desks and the mobile registration stations as available resources to acquire. This is actually my preferred solution since my current solution does not balance patients very intelligently between the registration desks and the mobile station.



Supplemental Queue length-based Resource Model.fsm

PS. the logic can be found in the "Bloodwork and Specimen" patient flow

FlexSim 21.2.4
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You just need a value, that you can increment or decrement in your model to count waiting patients. This value can be a label, a table cell, node or even a list. If your threshold is evaluated to open another line, you let divert new and some already waiting patients to this new line.
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I've updated your model to do option 2. The patients push themselves on a list before trying to get a registration clerk and then pull themselves off once they do. This way we have a running list of all patients waiting for a clerk. Then I made a General flow (Mobile Blood Registration) that acquires the Mobile clerk at the start of the model and then waits for 5 or more patients to be on the list before setting up a mobile station and releasing the mobile clerk. I nested the Mobile Bloodwork Staff group under the Bloodwork Registration Staff group so that the mobile clerk can be acquired by getting a bloodwork registration clerk, but they'll be the last pick.


*Note that the general flow would have to be updated a little if you wanted there to be more than one mobile clerk in that group.

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Incredible, thanks a lot Matt. I am new to the concept of lists and never understood any use cases - but this makes perfect sense! You even fixed my jerry-rigged way of handling patient companions haha. Thanks again!!

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