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How to load and unload a trailer AGV

I am trying to load an agv/taskexecutor with four pallets (containers) and then unload them. I want to have them loaded and tugged to a location where they are then unloaded by a forklift and dropped close by. I am considerably new to flexsim, so the best way might be to show me a model of a similar process so that I can get a feel for what is really going on. There might even be an easier way, perhaps without an agv, etc. Any information will help. Thanks!

FlexSim 7.5.4
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@Lincoln Sellers Sorry for the late response to your follow up question. The best way to have the transporters take items directly from the TaskExecuter is probably using Process Flow. I'll show you how we set it up (see first attached model):

Most of this logic is clearly shown visually (no need for code). After objects are created from Process Flow into the 3D environment they are sent to "LoadList" by the Queue. The TaskExecuter then pulls 4 items from the list and uses the "All of Nothing" option. Then we used another list to move the objects from the TaskExecuter to the Transporters (you didn't specify how many objects each one could take, so we set it to 4). Also, we referenced the 3D TaskExecuter and Transporters by creating a Schedule Source activity for each with simply 1 token that does not repeat.

About pulling pallets like a trailer, the answer is simple if I understand your question correctly. Just go into the AGV network properties and select the "Attach Loads as Trailer" option in the first tab.

Your main question seemed like you may want to implement these concepts into a larger model at some point. We've used the same logic as the first model but used Subflows and Task Executer Process Flows to facilitate model adaption (for example adding more processes, more TaskExecuters, etc). See second attached model for reference. In this model we added another TaskExecuter by going to the "Attached Objects" option in the Quick Properties for the AGV Task Executer Process Flow. Both Task Executers then use the same logic.

Let me know if you need clarification on anything.

trailer-agv.png (242.3 KiB)
trailer-agv-2.png (28.3 KiB)
trailer-agv-3.png (149.2 KiB)
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@Lincoln Sellers Here's one way you could do it (see attached model). As shown below, we connected a source to a queue, used a Center Port connection from the queue to the task executer, and regular connections from the queue to the control point on the AGV path, from the control point to the task executer, and from Queue11 to Queue7. A second control point is connected to Queue7, and a Center Port connection is connected to the transporter. On both Queue11 and Queue7 be sure to check the "Use Transport" box in the Properties->Flow tab. Also, in the source change the FlowItem Class from "box" to "pallet."

In the properties menu of Queue11 you can tell it to perform batching so that 4 pallets are loaded onto the task executer at a time.

The last step is just to change the task executer's capacity from 1 to 4.

agv-example.png (88.5 KiB)
agv-example2.png (18.3 KiB)
agv-example3.png (27.8 KiB)
agv-example.fsm (23.0 KiB)
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@Adrian Haws,

Thank you for your quick and thorough response. I do have a follow up question:

Is there a way to have 2 forklifts unload the tugged pallets while the task executor waits for them to be unloaded, then continues to tug the empty pallets?

Also, as a general question, is there any way to have a task executor (not AGV) pull pallets like a trailer using the network node transportation system?

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