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How to acquire Resource with a reference to a group of object that are created using a process flow?

Hi all, I want to create my TEs, add them to a group, and the acquire them as the resource for a process flow. Process flow is used to create the TEs, and to transport the items using an AGV network. I am using "Push to list" in the load area so the process flow would pull from that list. I am facing some problems.

First, when I create the TEs, they are placed on the model origin (0,0,0), and not the destination I mentioned. In my actual model, I use "Move Object" activity to place the TEs on the a control point near loading station. In this sample model that I attached, even with move object activity, the TE s are located off the AGV network and on the (0,0,0) location. Additionally, the TEs are not being shown in the group that they are added to. (In actual model, the TEs are shown in the group as group members, but not with their own names, they are referenced by their container (Control Point10). E.g. ControlPoint10/Vessel1 The second problem is that when I'm using the group as the object reference for the resource, the Resource activity somehow does not consider them to be available and won't assign them to the activities.


FlexSim 16.2.0
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There is a bug currently in the Create Object when creating objects onto Control Points of an AGV Network. The AGV will be properly connected to the network, they just aren't positioned on the control point (at least until they receive a task sequence). You don't need to call Move Object, just use a Change Visual at set the position to the position of the control point.

Next, your tokens are getting stuck on the Pull from List because your Queue is partitioning by centerobject(current, 1) and your Pull from List is partitioning by 0. Set the Queue's partition id to 0 and they will be able to pull from the list.

When the Resource is in Object Mode, it only evaluates its Resource Reference and Count at the start of the model. Since your Group has no members in it at the beginning, there are no Resources available. If you want to use a dynamic group of objects you should use a List instead. When you create the AGVs, push them to a List and instead of using an Acquire and Release, use a Pull from List for the acquire and then push the AGV back to the List on when you want to release them.

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Thanks @Matt Long . I was able to make it work based on your answer.

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Hi @Matt Long I have a problem about the use of list: can you explain better how to use it instead of the group?

In may model I'm working with n agv (not a specific number) saved in a group. Every time a new item must be stored in my rack, I have to find the nearest shuttle to the lift. The position of the shuttles are saved in a global table that I update every time there is a movement of the agv.

Using a group and the "acquire resource" activity, I don't know how to write the code who helps me in finding the nearest shuttle.

Is there a way to find it using the SQL code in the "acquire resource" activity that could be related with the global table?

Thanks for the help.

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@Marco B8 Please post this as a new question since the question you asked does not have direct similarities to the original post. I can than answer your question and help you.

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