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Replicating Arrivals In Given Format

Hi Team,

I came across a scenario where I have following conditions:

1. Arrival has to happen in given time interval only.


2. Minimum 1 arrivals daily and maximum 4 arrivals daily

3. On an Average 3 arrivals daily in a month

I am facing issue to give distribution as in point 2 and 3.

Any help would be appreciated?

Thank you!

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Hi @Ankur A3,

I was able to create a system that models the arrival of the items as you specified in your question. I will include my model and some images to help show what I did.

Using process flow I set up a "Date Time Source" that allowed me to specify what times items would be arriving and how many items would arrive during that time. Each of the four time slots was set up to have a chance to produce one item. This value was set by using a Bernoulli distribution.


To ensure that every day at least one item would be created I set the possibility of one item being created to 100%. I also created a set of parameters that allows one to quickly change the percentage for each Bernoulli distribution.


I used these parameters to use experimenter to find the best setup of distributions to have an average of 3 items per day over the space of a month. The image below shows the results of three different parameter setups.


Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions about how I set this up.

Replicating Arrivals-JW.fsm

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Hi @Jacob W2,

Thanks for your answer.

I couldn't check your model due to version restriction. In the mean time, I got some idea to model the scenario. Let me just share my thought here.

After defining arrivals in given time slots, I will just defining distribution for counter every day for which there will be min, max and avg value as given. Based on counter value every day, we will accept the token to create object.

Thank you!

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What version are you using? I can create a new model in that version so that you can see what I did.
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I am using version 21.1.2.

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