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list issues and how to rename a general process flow

Hi I'm trying to use lists following the instructions verbatum

But, I"m only seeing activities in the first plane. Also, it seems to be stuck at the "Push to List" stage. So, what am I missing here?

Also, is there any way you can rename the general process flow? Thank you.


FlexSim 22.0.0
listslist pullpush to list
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The tokens in the 'Push to List' activity aren't stuck, but waiting for the value they pushed to pulled off the list. This is the default behaviour which can be changed in the activity's options (Use Max Wait Timer + Keep On List On Early Release).

The issue in your model seems to be that no token is generated in the third section of the process flow. It'd be much easier to help if you could upload your model.

To rename the process flow, simply click somewhere in the empty space within it. This will bring up the process flow properties on the right hand side, where you can rename it as you would any other object.

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1.3_lists_model.fsmThank you so much for the insight, Felix! And per your request, here's the model. Btw, I'm trying to replicate what's in these instructions. Thank you so much! Danke schön!

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13-lists-model.fsm (83.6 KiB)
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I found some minor issues in your model:

- The queue is not referenced correctly in 'Source: Item to Transport'. This is the cause of most of the error message you are getting. (The text should be purple if you are directly referencing an object)


- The 'ListProcessor' group used for the third instance doesn't exist in your model yet. There are also two small typos in the quantity field of the source ('LIst...', instead of 'List...' and 'Length' instead of 'length')


- The 'Create Task Sequence' activity after pulling the item from the list should reference Dispatcher3, so it can pass the task on to the operators.


- In the 'Pull from List' activity, you are ordering the items by the 'RushItem' label in descending order, meaning items with a label value of 0 are prioritized. The tutorial assumes that this should be the other way around.


I'll attach the fixed model as reference, but I would suggest you first try get your own model to run based on this post. Finding and fixing mistakes is quite an important skill to have in my opinion. ;-)


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Thank you very much, Felix!

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Btw, Felix, How do you lengthen the space right below the Properties (right above the "process Flow Properties") ? Thank you.

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Close and reopen the Properties panel (use the gear icon shown in you image)
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