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Problem in transporter

ReachTrucks.fsmHello. I am working on a model were a transporter (stacker) picks up a pallet from a Queue and creates an order. My problem is that the transporter only creates the first order and then it doenst continue to the next one. Can you please help me? Cause i have not found the error yet.

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I am altering this model and will post an updated version.
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Can I ask is your operator meant to be picking boxes from the pallets the forklifts have pulled from rack or are you always processing whole pallets?
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Hey @Jason Lightfoot and thank you for responding so fast! The operator must process the whole pallet and that is why I have used the “token.pulled.up”

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Then I don't see why you ever need to refer to the items and therefore don't need a list and can virtualize all the pallets make it fast compared to the version you posted.

What is the process meant to be? Is it just:
  1. The picks table defines the quantity of pallets by itemcode
  2. The forklifts bring the pallets for each order to the buffer
  3. The operator takes each pallet in an order somewhere (where?)

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Hi - I made several changes.

1. Speed up the drawing and inventory creation

  • Remove the list (we'll use the Storage System to find pallets instead of boxes).
  • Set the Storage System option to virtualize the objects for faster drawing
  • Add the Itemcode label to the storage system as indexed (for fast lookup).

2. Limit the picking of Pallets.

  • If we create all the pick jobs at once the items will all be unvirtualized and drawing will be slow.
  • Create 5 tokens to represent 5 orders and find the pallets for each (All Orders Processing)
  • Create a list of Buffers spaces and only create the pick job when there is a buffer space (Order Line Processing)

3. Have the Buffer handle events

  • At the model start, in its own Process Flow it pushes the spaces to a list
  • When an item enters the Buffer it pushes it to the Buffer Items list
  • When an items exists the Buffer it pushes a space back onto Buffer Spaces.

4. Have the operator process one order at a time

  • Use the same order number to read the itemcodes from the picking table.
  • Create an array of Itemcodes for use in the Pull Buffer Items so that you can say WHERE Itemcode IN puller.Itemcodes.
  • Remove a matching itemcode from the array when each item is pulled.

At the moment the model will stop because you're asking it to pick itemcodes for which you have no inventory (36)

Model attached.


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@Jason Lightfoot Thank you so much, i can not describe how helpfull you've been! THanks again!!
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