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Why AGV Does Not Unload (?)

I've been trying to solve this circuit but I don't get the logic to get to work the AGV, the problem it's that the AGV it's not unloading in a consistent way, it should unload 479 times and it unloads only 148 times; and when it does, it does on the "Charger Station On Exit" CP and not in the "ControlPoint9" CP as I need it to be who's connected to the "Sink1". I've tried a lot with my NLFW and my ParkPoints without succeed. Can someone help me to understand what's the problem? I would appreciate a lot! Testing Way Points Does Not Unload.fsm

FlexSim 22.1.0
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I am not seeing what you describe in the model you uploaded. The AGVs are all unloading at 'ControlPoint2', that is connected to the sink.

The distance between 'Stopper 10 sec' and 'ControlPoint9' introduces a delay of around 136s between two AGVs.


After around 30000s the first AGVs start to recharge, costing further throughput.

When ignoring the recharge by setting the battery use to 0, I get an input of 316 at the sink by the 12-hour mark. This correlates well with the delay mentioned above (43200/136 = 317.64).


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Yes, you're right, the model I upload wasn't the latest model...this is the one with the problem; the main issue is the NLFW and the Way Points.Testing Way Points Does Not Unload.fsm

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At the waypoints, after delaying the AGVs you are always redirecting them to the next 'NextLookForWork' control point. In the case of the 'Charger Station On Entry' that 'Transfer Lead Time', which is positioned behind the control point of the sink. So the AGVs are told to drive past the unload point, trapping them in an infinite loop, so they never unload.

Instead you could tell them to continue to their current destination. That should fix the unload issue.



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Thank you Felix, there's been days trying with no succeed but now with your help I'm fixing it!


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