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AGV unloading only at one pick up point

Hi @Felix Möhlmann ,

It seemed like when the trolley is travelling from the upper levels to unload back to B1_Kit after 7200s, they are unloading only at one pick up point instead of travelling to the other available pick up points. Would appreciate your advice on this. Thank you!


FlexSim 18.2.3
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Hey @Glenson G, I think the reason you're seeing a difference in the loading vs unloading is because of the split in your TaskExecuter Process Flow.


On the right or "Yes" path, you pull a LoadCP, which can be 1 of the 5 possible CPs in front of the B1_Kit queue. After pulling one that is available, you have the AGV explicitly travel to that one before then loading from the queue.

When a token is unloading, it seems to take the left path which will simply travel to the B1_Kit itself, not any one CP in particular. That means that it will choose the closest CP, which happens to be the one that all the AGVs are waiting for.

I suggest you do a similar thing as the right side and pull from the "LoadCP" list so your tokens can travel to that specific CP.

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Hi @Kavika F ,

Thank you for your reply. I have tried to do the similar thing on the left but I can't seem to make it work normally (AGVs travel to upper levels then unloading at the 5 available pick up points)


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You'd keep the two process flow paths split and more or less copy the upper right part to the lower left (+ adding the statistic steps from the right side and returning the loadCP at the end).



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Hi @Felix Möhlmann ,

Thank you so much!

If you don't mind, may I seek your explanation on why such movement of the process flow? I would really appreciate it to understand this.
Thank you very much once again!

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