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How can I make reference to an ASRS task queue lenght in a decide ?

I need to know how many jobs it has in its queue and take a decision based on this

FlexSim 22.0.1
asrsasrs vehicle behaviourtask executers queue
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I assume you have a model with classic 3D logic: input and output connections, edges for center ports and so on. Your model hasn’t got a dispatcher to distribute tasksequences (transport jobs). Then you need to get a property on a variable node in the object tree of your Taskexecuter called tasksequencequeue.

please refer to the example of dispatcher subclass of Taskexecuter class api in manual.

The feature of a dispatcher is inherited for every taskexecuter in FlexSim.


obj(dispatcher) is in this case a reference to your Taskexecuter.

if my assumptions aren’t applying to your model, then please be so kind and attach your model or better an example model of your matter in your question. Thanks!

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thanks for your prompt reply !

I have several ASRS in the model so I stored the reference into "token.traslo". when I write: "int numTaskSequences = token.traslo.taskSequences.length;" it gives this exception: "FlexScript exception: Label property taskSequences retrieved on /ASRSvehicle1. Label does not exist".

I have also tried this one w/o success: "int numTaskSequences =;"

Could this code also achieve the same purpose: "int numTaskSequences = token.traslo.subnodes.length;" ? it does not give exception but so far it gave me always a zero outcome, I don't know if this is for it considers the only task it has, as already completed, or it is a reference to something else. Thank you, your comment is really appreciated !

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You need
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