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How to provide random person Male/Female reference?

Hi Team,

I am going though code which is given to generate male/female patient random basis in arrivals process flow under healthcare module. I would like to understand the numbers which are taken with respect to male (8) and female (9). Where can I find these numbers with respect to male/female?



How can I use it to generate male/female provider instead of patient?

Thank you!

FlexSim 21.0.10
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The numbers 8 and 9 correspond to the rank of the Man and Woman flowitem in the FlowItem Bin:


The Man flowitem is already set to the Male Person/Staff shape and the Woman to Female Person/Staff shape. So you're already creating the same shape as the Staff objects in the model. The only difference then is the clothes they're wearing. The default Random Appearance activity that sets the patients' skin and clothes purposely doesn't use the staff clothes. For example, when setting the shirt it chooses between shirts 1-7 for men and 1-5 for women:


However, the staff shirts are shirts 8 and 9 for men and 6 and 7 for women.

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