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Ryusuke T asked Ryusuke T commented

Why is label reference possible in staff resources?

If you try to refer to "resource" using the label value in the processing flow, an error will occur with the message "Reference cannot be a number. Reference should be set to Numeric and the count field should be used instead."

I can understand that this is because the "resources" are independent.

However, if you do the same thing with "staff resource", no error will occur. Why is this?

FlexSim 21.0.10
processflowresourcestaff resource
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Hello @Ryusuke T,

Can you upload your model to the NextCloud Folder so I can better assist you? Please comment back if you do so I receive a notification.

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Ryusuke T avatar image Ryusuke T Jeanette F ♦ ·

Hello @Jeanette F ,

I want to send the model file, but an error like the image occurs and I can not send it.


I had a colleague try it and got the same error.

Having problems?

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The Answers website is having problems and unfortunately they have not resolved it yet. That is why I gave you the Next Cloud Folder to upload into. If you have a similar service to upload the file to and link it in a comment that would be great as well.
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Jeanette F answered Ryusuke T commented

Hello @Ryusuke T,

Your token.resource is not working because the standard resource does not let you call the token in the field like it does in the Health Care resource.


The reality is that the standard resource and the health care resource are not the same. The standard Resource executes the Reference field on reset, while the Staff Resource doesn't until the Acquire Staff activity.

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A Staff Resource doesn't show you its Reference field, because it's tied directly to the Staff global List. If you could see the Reference field it would look like this:


So when you acquire from a Staff Resource it's actually pulling from the Staff list.

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@Jeanette F , @Matthew Gillespie ,

Thank you for your reply.

I learned about the difference between standard resources and staff resources.

Thank you both for your answers!

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