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Check buffer capacity

In the process flow I want to add this condition. Note : All the items from Queue 1 exit based on Combiner's target quantity. Queue 1 is connected to combiner as Port 2. In this model, 10 items from Port 2(Queue 1) exit all at once.

Problem : Before the transporter drops the items into Queue1. I want to check if Assigned qty < Capacity. Where capacity decides the actual capacity of Queue1 and Assigned decides the items currently in Queue1. Only then the transporter has to drop the items into Queue1 or else it has to wait.


FlexSim 22.2.3
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Queue1 is not connected to port 2 of the combiner as you describe.

You need pointer data in your table pointing to the Queue1 - not the string/path.

When an item exits the Queue1 I would have logic that checks if that PartNumber has dropped below the trigger quantity and if so push a replenishment job to a list. You seem to have this loop check for every part that enters Queue3 which seems wrong/messy.

Here's a suggestion:



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Thank you @Jason Lightfoot for the model.

I want the number of quantities exiting and then adding in Queue1 to be shown in the Available Qty column of the global table "Process_Flow".

Available Qty is nothing but the items available in the Queue1.

How to achieve this?

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I would try incrementing the Available column on the queue's Pull trigger. This way the item is counted in the replenishment decision before the transporter has delivered it to the queue.
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Can you tell in a sample model? I have added the command in the Queue 1 on Entry and On Exit. It seems to be not updating in the global table "Available Qty"
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