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Transporter Move Forks Up/Down to Location

I have a model where I am pretending to load items from a rack (decrementing quantity label from a bulk load flowitem). I can move the transporters to the correct x and y location for the rack slot, but cannot get the forks up to the z.

Is there a way to make a transporter move its forks up/down to a set height? The pick offset task does move the forks, but it always goes down to z 0 and then back up to 2.10 (default fork height) as part of this task. Ideally I want it to go up and stay up until told to come down (place offset task, I imagine).

In the reference below, OSContainer is an object in a rack and rack is the containing rack. Changing the Z loc does nothing - I assume that should either be the desired height or an offset from the item's height.


FlexSim 22.2.0
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You can tell it to move to the full Z amount needed for the pick/place by putting 1 in the Zloc (the proportion of the Z movement - so 0.5 would move them half up). The attached model shows this.

However you cannot by default control when the forks are lowered after the pick/place using a similar technique without a dummy object location for another pick/place offset task. If you tell it to travel it will just lower the forks.

However you could look at Felix's post where he manipulates the fork variables, in order to delay the lowering, as I have done in the attached model.


(I used literal heights just for demonstration)

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