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Find Stay Time of each Item in system by use Experimenter.

Hello. I want some solution for find Item's Stay Time. And I want to find Stay time of All Item.

From this model. I sample to find solution to solve the bottle neck by use Experimenter.


From picture this model have 1 Operator a bottle neck is in Queue1. Then I use Experimenter to find Avg. Stay Time of box in bottle neck.


I assigned Parameter : Quantity of Operator and assigned Performance : Stay Time of box at bottle neck in Queue1.


It can found the Scenario3 is Optimize Quantity of Operator. In this sample It can show Avg. Stay Time of box in Queue1


Then I has adding Output of Queue1 to find Quantity of box it can send to processor.

How can I find a Stay Time of each box that it stay at Queue1 by it not average stay from all box.

Exam : If Queue1 is have 500 box, then how can find Stay Time of 500 box

I want to find this for Export or Generate to use be a Raw Data.

I has attached model file at here. Thank You Somuch.

Model 8 Use Experimenter.fsm

FlexSim 22.2.2
optimizationexperimeterstay timebottleneckavg stay time
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This had been a feature in FlexSim. Raw statistical data. But if you evaluate event list log with attributes of exiting items you might still get this data now.

But realistically you will add a statistic collector to your model evaluating needed data. There should be a unique identifier for each item, a reference to next item identifier in a queue, queue length, simulation time, …

BUT this data will be kept in your model while running a simulation. Perhaps you should design a mechanism to write such data to an external sink in intervals for example of 10.000 entries to reduce system RAM consumption.

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How can I use statistic collector from your suggestion or use some solution for collecting data of each Item.

Do you have some example ?

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A statistics collector to measure the staytime of all items is relatively easy to build. In the attached example the collector reacts to the entry and exit of items in Queue1.


The entry will create a new row with item as the "row value". At the same time the entry time will be written to the row. Via the row value, the collector can then identify the correct row when an item leaves and update it with the staytime by using the previously stored entry time to calculate it.



If you haven't deactivated that setting, then all data from statistics collectors is saved for each replication in the experimenter sqlite-file and can be accessed together with the other results in the "Statistics Tables" tab.

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From I can seen this example model, It will create row of each item and Exit Time and Stay Time will shown when item out from Queue1.


Thank You So Much.

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