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only one pull from list for same part numbers stored in the list


I have a model where I am pulling the items. When part arrive at combiner1 it matches value referring to global table and pull part from Queue1 to Queue2. When Part arrive at Queue2 it should be pulled from Queue4 the part arrive at Queue2 then that part should move to Queue4. I have created a process flow where only one pull from list is used where instead of moving part from Queue1 to Queue2 some part are moving to Queue2 and also directly to Queue4.

I hope this is happening due to same part number stored in the list. How can I fix this process do help.

Thank you


FlexSim 20.0.10
list pullpush to list
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Hello @Henna N, if I understand your problem correctly, once a part has arrived at Queue2 and is then used, you want it to move to Queue4? For example, when a token spawns from the right source (attached to Queue2), at the end of the process you want to move that part to Queue4 as well?



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Yes @Kavika F your right. I want then further move that particular part to move to Queue4 through pull from list itself as this Is just example.
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Hey @Henna N, I think I got the behavior you're looking for. I rearranged some of your Process Flow so that it performed some additional behavior if a box entered Queue2.


I started by copying the behavior for items entering the Combiner - lookup the alternate name, pull it from Queue1, but instead of putting it onto Queue2 I put it onto Queue4 (because that's the desired destination for boxes queried from Queue2). Then I loaded the box from Queue2 that just got "used", and unload it at Queue4 as well.


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@Kavika F Can i add a priority to the process Example: I want transporter to consider to pull part from Queue2 to Queue4 part as always a first priority?
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@Henna N you can add a label called "Priority" to the tokens spawned by the Sources and have their values represent your desired behavior. For example, parts arriving at the Combiner will have priority 2 while parts arriving at Q2 will have priority 1.


Then you can have a Queue Strategy in your Resource to pull based on Priority.


This will have it so whenever an item comes into Queue2, it will fulfill that request before any other request from the combiner.

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