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Reduce speed of forklift

Hi @Felix Möhlmann

For the previously asked question or the post here.

I am assigning separate Speeds for OnLoad and OnUnload for the transporter.

After I assigned loaded and unloaded speeds, when the model time matches the timetable time. The speed is not reducing while travelling the mentioned node.

What to do for this?

FlexSim 20.0.10
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If your question is about the boundary of a timetable where you need to change the speed if a started journey, set the speed based on its load state, and preempt the task executer with a zero time delay task (since set property of speed currently doesn't enforce deceleration etc of an active travel task for most navigators)

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@Jason Lightfoot

I didn't understand what you meant.

Yes I want to set boundary of timetable that at certain mentioned time from one particular node to another where a lot of transporters travel between those nodes. I want to reduce speed of the transporters. I am not understanding how to give the freeedge value which @Felix Möhlmann has provided in that post. Please help.

Or is there any other alternative?

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"fromEdge" and "toEdge" are parameters of the network node's arrival event. They tell you from which path the traveller came and on which path it will continue. So they can be used to determine the travel direction.

If the traveller moves to the "restricted" path, the speed might be reduced. Otherwise it is always reset to the default value.

You can see which path is assign which rank in the network node properties. The first path in the list has rank 1, the second 2 and so on.


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