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Two elevator banks

In the model attached, I would like to have two elevator banks. When one elevator bank is busy and the other can be used by task executers or operators.

However, when I set two elevator banks, all the task executers only choose the elevator bank with the shortest way for transportation.


FlexSim 23.0.4
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As you say, Task Executers will always choose the Elevator Bank that results in the shortest travel path. So to balance the load between two or more Banks you would have to implement logic that determines which elevator they should use and send them to an intermediate travel destination close to that Elevator Bank first, so that they will use when being send to their actual destination afterwards.

Though if the elevators are as close together as in your demo model, I don't see a reason why you couldn't just use a single Elevator Bank with two cabins. (You can adjust the distance between the cabins after adding them by edting their location coordinates in the tree.)


Further links for how you could control which Elevator Bank is used:

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