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FlexSim Still Crashes When Copying Label Names

Hi DevTeam,

Flexsim crashes when we copy the label name to a code editor field. Attached is the video.


Arun KR

FlexSim 23.0.4
flexsim crashing
crashtest.mp4 (855.8 KiB)
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Kavika F avatar image Kavika F ♦ commented ·

Hey @Arun Kr, I followed the steps in your video for FlexSim 23.0.4 and it seems to work fine for me. Do you have a more specific set of replications steps I could follow or maybe a model you could post that you get this behavior on?

My replication steps:

  1. Start a new model. Drag out a processor.
  2. Create a label on the processor (presumably with "String" data).
  3. Open a code editor (like Send to Port on the processor).
  4. Double click the label name and press Ctrl+C to copy the label name.
  5. Paste that name into the code editor.
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Arun Kr avatar image Arun Kr Kavika F ♦ commented ·

Thanks.The steps are correct. But for me, Flexsim's crashing. Attaching a sample model also.crashtest.fsm

The same issue happens with 23.02.


Arun KR

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crashtest.fsm (30.2 KiB)
Jason Lightfoot avatar image Jason Lightfoot ♦ Arun Kr commented ·
Pastes fine for me. Did you try reinstalling FlexSim? Do you run other applications that use the scintilla editor, or have a clipboard manager running?
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I was able to replicate this bug. I was able to fix it in debug mode on my computer. When the next bug fix release comes out, please let us know if it still occurs.

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Arun Kr avatar image Arun Kr commented ·
Thanks, @Jordan Johnson, and I will let you know if it occurs again.
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Matthew Gillespie avatar image Matthew Gillespie ♦♦ commented ·

@Arun Kr This issue is fixed in 22.0.15 and 23.0.6 released today.

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