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Operator work as per priority in batch production


In my attached model, Operator 1 should work as per priority and in batch quantity. now he is working as per availability.

The priorities are as below,

Work on Processor3 till he finishes the batch of 5 pieces. Then if 2 parts are available in Queue9 then Operator1 should transfer the parts to Queue3, work on those 2 parts one by one and then transfer to Queue4. Then pick those 2 parts from Queue4 to Queue 10. Then only he should return to Processor3.

Refer attached model.sample model for operator sequence.fsm

Thanks in Advance.

FlexSim 23.0.4
operator control
5 |100000

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This has been suggested to you before and will do so again here. Please consider using Process Flow for process sequences like this. That or generating the needed task sequences manually via code are the only really feasible options to implement a logic in this form (do sequence A X times, then, under some condition do sequence B).

In the attached model I demonstrate how this can be done. I deactivated the 3d model logic for the involved objects by disconnecting them from each other and unchecking the various "Use Operator" options. The queues 6 and 9 push their items to list. A token in the process flow tries to pull the required number of items from this list. If successful it will run through each step one by one and finally loop back to pull the next batch.


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Thank you so much... it is working... But Operator is climbing on the processors though I have given the network node. Also operator is walking towards Queue 10 and then return to Queue 9 instead of directly going to Queue 9 ( this is if I connect to network node - without it, operator is working in correct manner )

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When using a travel network you have to insert a travel activity every time the operator has to move to another network node to do the next action. See example below: First travel to processor1, then unload. Because the next load activity also happens at processor1 no travel is needed. But before unloading to the Queue it is needed again, if the queue is connected to a different network node.


If you don't want the operator to move away from the network nodes to load/unload items, then choose the option "Do not travel offset for load/unload tasks" in its properties.


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Thank you so much.... Now working as per my requirement...

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