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Limit of data to be pulled from a database

Good Morning guys !

I have a project where I pull several data from a DBConnector that supplies several globaltables, but in some of them the data ends up not being loaded, how do I make this loading lighter. I think that might be the problem.




FlexSim 21.2.4
global tabledatabasesql server
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Why don't you load all of these into the same table and add a column indicating to which resource each record is related? If it's large make the table a bundle data type.

Also - what makes you think the import is failing due to volume? Have you testing the query outside of FlexSim?

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I tested this same query outside and it worked, so I think it has a problem related to the volume. In your first point, how do I make a packet data, I didn't understand that very well.

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You can change a table to bundle type in the Properties panel (usually on the right side).
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Hello, Kauan!

Please let us know if your answer was replied!

If this query already worked on other import, I believe your problem is in your database. I higlhy recommend you to read the documentation about Database Connector (

Looking there I saw that some database requires you to enter the full database connection string (picture below)


Hope it can help!

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