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How to priorize the tasks of an operator?

Hello Everyone!

In my model, the operator "pintor" do the process, and control the crane for move the blue, white, green and orange flowitens... for the gray flowitem, the operator "pintor" do the process , but the another operator "ajudante" move these flowitens.

My problem: I think that the operator "pintor" is confliting when he is call to the process and to the load and unload with the crane. in this case, my model locks. this was my check about the model, i don't now if has another problem.

if I need to categorize the tasks, the "pintor" needs first work in the process, after for unload e for last, load.Modelo completo.fsm

FlexSim 21.1.5
task sequenceprioritylock
modelo-completo.fsm (150.8 KiB)
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Hi @Rafael de Assis ,

It seems like the 3D routing is pulling the operator "pintor" away from the processor "pintura" before the process is finished. This left a token that wasn't linked to an item so it was stuck in waiting for the process to finish:

In your process flow, the pintor is acquired so in theory he should wait to be released before moving to another task, but the 3D routing moves him to "buffer de saida" queue prematurely. You can increase priority of tasks in the 3D model by increasing the Priority number (higher number means the task is more important).

Additionally, the "secagem" processor is sending flow items using "port by case" but your process flow is also moving items from the same processor. I would try unifying the logic in the 3D model and process flow and change the priority of tasks in the processors to try to fix this.

I'll attach my version of your model I was working on


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1687218102716.png (7.4 KiB)
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modelo-completo.fsm (151.7 KiB)
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I have unified your logic using only process flow.
First, I removed the conditions in the 3D processor ("Pintura") and made the logic in the red block as shown below. I had to use a Zone to limit only one item each time and Move object to send it to "Secagem" station.


Moreover, I have change the logic to move object from "Queue1" to "Pintura" Station using the process flow. Using process flow and the new logics the Operators can be prioritaze.


The model is attached.

move-objects.jpg (64.9 KiB)
pintura-station.jpg (83.2 KiB)
modelo-completo.fsm (149.9 KiB)
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Mr. Gustavo, hello

Now, nothing works! I checked process flow and 3D condition.

it would be important to me that the 3D condition works!

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Could you post the file that it is not working?
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modelo-completo-3.fsm (149.9 KiB)
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