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Documentation Query

Good day,

I trust you are in good health. I am writing to present a request for information of a procedural nature. Specifically, I have meticulously constructed a current state model elucidating a manufacturing process utilizing the Flexsim platform, confining my focus exclusively to the process flow domain.

My overarching objective comprises the creation of a quartet of models, wherein three variants shall be characterized by distinct inventory control policies. The aforesaid policies of interest are denoted as follows: Reorder Point/Order Quantity (R, Q), Min/Max (s, S), and Periodic Order Up To (T, S). A comprehensive explication of each policy is provided herewith.

I am actively seeking comprehensive documentation, information, or any resources pertinent to the proficient implementation of the aforementioned policies. I have earnestly perused the expanse of FlexSim's repository of responses and diligently conducted multiple inquiries via various search engines. Regrettably, my efforts have yielded no discernible guidance on the attainment of my intended objectives. It is prudent to acknowledge that I stand as a novice in this realm, hence grappling with the intricacies of devising such implementations independently. In the unfortunate event that no explicit assistance materializes, I am prepared to persevere regardless.

In view of the foregoing, I would greatly appreciate any form of elucidative guidance extended, cognizant of the longstanding tradition within the FlexSim community for extending invaluable support.


1. Reorder Point/Order Quantity (R, Q): This policy dictates that upon the depletion of inventory to a predetermined reorder point (R), an order is initiated for a fixed quantity (Q) of goods, in adherence to the stipulated reorder point/order quantity protocol.

2. Min/Max (s, S): In accordance with this policy, when the inventory level dwindles beneath the predefined minimum threshold (s), a replenishment order is promptly dispatched to restore the inventory to the maximum level (S).

3. Periodic Order Up To (T, S): The principle underlying the periodic order up-to policy entails the regular placement of orders at designated intervals (T), with the aim of elevating the inventory level to a preassigned maximum threshold (S).

Your anticipated guidance in this matter is invaluable, as I am acutely aware of the prodigious assistance consistently proffered by the esteemed FlexSim community.

Happy Modelling!

@Rober G

FlexSim 23.0.10
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With which aspect(s) of the modelling task are you struggling? Your post seems to ask for specific documentation related to your, possibly unique, problem - which FlexSim could never provide. I am a bit worried that you did not write the question yourself.

Sometime problems arise in this type of model due to the asynchronous nature of ordering and replenishing stock and the arrival of demand between the two events. You might find it useful to use counts of both expected net stock and on hand stock. On hand stock is what is pickable for a purpose. Net stock is initial stock - all demand + ordered stock. You can then use expected net stock for your trigger points. Expected net stock is incremented immediately when you order and decremented immediately when you have demand. On hand stock is incremented when the stock is available to the demand.

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Thank you @Jason Lightfoot , I will use your advice and take it from there!

P.S I had made use of a language editor to help formalise my query :)

Happy modelling

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