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change slot labels & get slot labels quantity

Currently, I am attempting to create a tiered storage system. The existing Floor Storage is set up with class-specific slots using "paint slot labels." I have the following two questions:

  1. 1. Can I use the process flow to modify the labels of a specific slot at a particular time? This would allow me to free up a spot in a certain class when it becomes full and transfer items temporarily to the next tier. For example, when the storage space for Class A is full, and Class B still has an available spot, can I modify the label of that spot to temporarily accommodate Class A items in the Class B area?

  2. 2 .I have come up with an idea that would allow tiered storage to function without changing the slot configuration. This involves placing a staging area next to the Floor Storage where items can be temporarily held when storage slots are insufficient, awaiting slot availability. How can I obtain the remaining quantity of specific slot labels within the Floor Storage to manage this approach effectively?

  3. 地板_轉移數值.fsm

FlexSim 23.2.0
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Yes you can change the values of slot labels even if they are indexed (unlike item labels).

You can query the slots of the storage system using querySlots():

Storage.system.querySlots("WHERE slot.class=1")

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how can I achieve this?( question 1 ) I've referred to the following resources, but I'm unable to accurately retrieve the currently available slots, which is preventing me from modifying the slots accurately.

  1. Paint Slot Labels by Code
  2. Problem with Slot Labels in Warehousing Module
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I'm facing an issue with the command I'm using. I'm unable to effectively retrieve the quantity corresponding to the slot label. Below is the command I placed in the "Decide" activity. How can I make the necessary corrections? Are there any other examples available for reference?
Storage.system.findSlot("WHERE Slot.Class = $1 ", 0, token.Class) > 0

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The syntax (and case) you need is:

Storage.system.querySlots("WHERE slot.class=$1 AND slot.slotItems.length=0",0,1).length

which will tell you how many slots of class 1 are free.

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