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Pull with 2 specified labels and values condition.

How to make people walk towards the bus where for case stop 17 passengers can only board buses with the label 'arah' = -1 or the return route. I have tried several methods but still cannot do it. The token gets stuck in 'push to the list' or when I try several methods, it results in a bad travel. So, I plan that for the destination walking, it must meet 2 conditions, namely token.bus and token.direction with a value of -1.

FlexSim 22.2.0
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Hey @Fauzy Syaputra, there a few things going wrong in your model.

Firstly, there are errors in Halte 17 because you have a max wait timer on the "Pull from list - From 17" activity. Tokens don't get pulled and proceed to a subflow that requires a token that is set by that pulled item. You should either remove the max wait timer or divert the token to a different set of activities to handle that.

In other pull from list activities (like "From 5" in Halte 5), you have the pulled item assigned to token.Bus, but you require token.bus in the following Walk activity.

If all these Haltes have the same logic with a few changes here and there, you may want to turn Halte logic into a single subflow that handles the logic in one place to avoid duplication and errors. If you don't want to combine them all into one, then I suggest making one that works and copy/pasting it (not recommended approach considering you'll have to make a change to all 17 if you find a mistake).

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