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restaurant model with two entrances (front and back

simulacao-restaurante-2-fm.fsmI'm building a model of a restaurant with two entrances (front and back). I managed to build the model through Flow Item, and I will leave it attached below, but I was only able to add the front entrance to the model. I would like to know if I can put the back entrance (source 2), because I need people entering the restaurant from both sides. I have the data, but I can't make the model I idealized using Flow Item work, as in the first one (source 1).

FlexSim 22.2.0
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Hi, Raynan! That's some ways to do this. So, for two entrances you could set a decide before de create person and reference a each source in each create person. But, it appears a visual bug, when i did this. So i change the 3D sources for 3D Entrances and reference them.


You can customize the decision criteria, if you need. I set random port 50/50.


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Just so I can understand, you duplicate Create Person, but the way the system is creating the entities is still governed only by global table 1, right? If I want Entrace 2 to be governed by a Global Table 2, independent of the first, is it possible?

Thank you for your attention.

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Yes, i didnt change the method you're using to create people. You can create another schedule source (ProcessFlow) and link with a Global table 2, and use a independent subFlow to create people at Entrance2.
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