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how to create orders with different size, type and time?

Deseo atender pedidos que llegan en diferentes instantes del día con diferente tamaño, de distintos tipos de piezas, pero no he podido configurar la lógica adecuada en flexsim, empezé probando con la llegada de pedidos en tiempos aleatorios y el tamaño de pedidos aleatorio pero solo logro que el operario lleve de una caja de una cola a otra. Agradezco si alguien prodría por favor identificar cuál es el problema y darme una idea de como continuar.

English: I want to pick orders that arrive at different times of the day with different sizes, with different types of items, but I can't configure the appropriate logic in flexsim. I started trying with the arrival of orders at random times and the random size of orders but I only succeed that the operator carries one box from queue 2 to queue 3. I would appreciate if someone could please identify what the problem is and give me an idea of how to proceed.

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FlexSim 23.2.1
processs flowpicking orders
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If you pull more than one value off a list, the resulting label will contain an array of all pulled values. You have to create to move each of those items individually. The easiest way to do this in Process Flow is to use a Sub Flow where each "Sub-Token" gets assigned a different index number and thus refers to a different item in the Load and Unload activities.



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You'd just change the order of the tasks. First load all items in a sub flow. Then unload all items in another sub flow.


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Entiendo, pero el problema es que los items salen de la cola de a uno. La idea original es que el operario transportara todos a la vez, o que de alguna manera se consolide el pedido completo antes de salir de la cola.

English: I understand, but the problem is that the items leave the queue one by one. The original idea is that the operator would transport them all at once, or that the entire order would somehow be consolidated before leaving the queue.

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It was very helpful

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@Katherine Sierra did you work out how to carry all the items in an order at once?

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