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My model is throwing an exception error after running for a while

When I run my model for a while, usually after the inute 400 it throws me the following error:

time: 239.727797 exception: FlexScript exception: MODEL:/Tools/StorageSystem>variables/itemQueries/2/flexScriptCallbacks/1/codeNode

time: 239.727797 exception: SQL Evaluation Exception: FlexScript exception thrown in evaluation of code. Code is: param(1).as(Storage.Slot.Item).slot.area. Forwarding throw.

time: 239.727797 exception: SqlQuery - FlexScript Exception in: WHERE Tipo == $1.TipoProducto AND item.slot.area == 2.

I have tried bypassing the error if the reference didn´t exist whith a decide and a max wait timer in one find, but I don´t realli know what is causing the problem.


FlexSim 23.2.2
racksprocesss flowqueries
completo13.fsm (5.6 MiB)
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You have a lot of errors in your model, because at many points you assign or read values to/from labels that do not exist. Your model seems to have a bug that causes the system console to not automatically open for all errors. Some of those relate to Find Slot activities, so they might be the cause of the sql exception.


I suggest you run your model with the console window open and try to fix all other exceptions first. Once you have done that and the sql exception persists, post your model again.

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Thank you very much, your reply helped me a lot. I used the console window and I think I found the error, it was a bad reference in a task sequence. Now I am not getting that type of error. Just these errors, just showing the sql query exception.1700061190881.png

I think the problem lies in this line of code to assign the slot adress to a label rack. I am really new to Flexsim, have been using it for two weeks or so and there is no much informatioon on how to use this slot references.


I think the problem lies in the rack label value.

Here is the model again. Again thank you for your time and guidance.


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1700061190881.png (36.1 KiB)
1700061365052.png (40.0 KiB)
completo13.fsm (5.6 MiB)
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You're still trying to assign the slot to token.pallet, but the label pointing to the created pallet for intial stock is token.IDPALLET. This gives you exceptions at the start.

Next - your model doesn't seem to be repeatable so you should check the start positions of operators are resetting correctly along with any label values you're setting. You can also search this site for help and links about repeatability issues.

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