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Some of the possibilities of VR

Hi, team:

We know from our customers that they want FlexSim to support more VR devices, or develop a module or provide an API in a way that can allow more VR devices to link with FlexSim, is there any possibility of realizing this?

Also is there any consideration of interfacing with Apple's Vision Pro again next year?

These are some ideas, thanks!

FlexSim 24.0.0
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What VR devices do you want to support that are not currently supported?

To my knowledge, any VR devices that work with Windows (where FlexSim works) also work with FlexSim.

For devices that run their own custom-built non-Windows operating systems and software, you can try streaming the 3D data from FlexSim running on a separate machine to the device. You can stream 3D data using WebXR or Nvidia's Omniverse.

When accessing the FlexSim webserver from a VR or AR device (for example, the internal web browser on a Meta Quest android headset or Firefox Reality software on a Microsoft HoloLens 2), the following button on the default page of the webserver will enable WebXR to turn the page from a flat view into an immersive view (similar to the VR Mode button within the FlexSim software itself):


In my experience, support for WebXR is hit-or-miss on various VR and AR devices and software, but you can always try it. The same can also be said for Omniverse support for various XR devices and software.

Apple's Vision Pro claims to support WebXR, so depending on their implementation, it may or may not work immediately upon release. Updates may be necessary to get it to work. We won't know until they make it available for testing.

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Thank you for your reply, we will advise our customers to give other VR devices a try.

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