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Filling a FloorStorage by a Transporter

Hallo zusammen,
ich würde gerne am Ende des Prozesses das Produkt auf einem FloorStorage ablegen. Dafür soll ein Transporter das Produkt von einer Queue laden und am FloorStorage abladen. Aktuell fährt der Transporter jedoch nur hin und lädt das Produkt nicht ab. Woran kann dies liegen und was sollte ich ändern, damit der Prozess funktioniert?
Vielen Dank!

Hello everyone,

I would like to place the product on a FloorStorage at the end of the process. For this, a Transporter should load the product from a Queue and unload it at the FloorStorage. Currently the transporter only approaches and does not unload the product. What could be the reason for this and what should I change to make the process work?
Thank you very much!


FlexSim 23.2.1
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Hi @Lucas

First of all you should configure or adjust the dimensions of the floor storage slot, because the dimensions of the stowage are different from the floor storage.

The floor storage, when used as a fixed resource, allows you to adjust also its height on the z-axis, so you can define a limit on the degree of stacking.

Success in your learning.




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Tank you both for your answers! @Henry Paipa @Felix Möhlmann

Now it's working. Thank you.

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By the way, the dimensions of the floorStorage are edited in its properties: Storage Objet > Edit dimensions. @Lucas


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To add to this:

When you connect some objcet to a storage object (Rack, Floor Storage) with an A-connection, the storage object will by default be set to "Pull" items and only those that could be assigned to a slot.


You deactivated this option, which causes the queue to 'blindly' send the item. Due to this the transporter will load the pallet and drive to the Floor Storage but not unload. With the option active, the pallet would remain in the queue.

And as an alternative to adjusting the slot sizes, you can also alter the Slot Assignment Strategy of the Floor Storage, so that the dimensions of items/slots are ignored.

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