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Find rotation on item exiting conveyor

Im creating a lib of some components for a pallet conveyor system. Attached is a simple version containing a pallet turn table a stacker and a destacker.

The challenge is that to properly handle the pallets I need to know their rotation when entering the fixed ressource and when the on pallet entry is triggered in the object process flow of the fixed ressource, the pallet has already left the conveyor.

I could add a table on the pallet itself on exit, but that seems like a clumpsy solution and I would rather that there were a more elegant solution to get position and rotation at exit?

To test it out in the attached model, if the entry direction for the first conveyor is changed the turntable is not turning it correctly - Palletstacker.fsm


FlexSim 24.0.1
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As far as I know the item rotation always gets reset to (0, 0, 0) when exiting a conveyor. So I don't think you can get around storing the orientation somewhere before the item leaves the conveyor.

The Conveyor.Item class has an orientation property that represents the item's orientation as a single number between 1 and 24. Whether using that or the rotation vector is easier will depend on the specific use case and probably also personal preference.

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Hmm. Fair. My though was that there might be something that could be used in the port handover. I wonder if my trigger action for the processflow could be the OnExit of the current.inbound[1] that is the ExitTransfer of the upstream conveyor.
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It would have to be the OnExit of the conveyor since the event does not actually trigger for the transfer. But other than that; yes that would work.


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