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Operators only unload the processors irregularly


I'm looking for a simulation where there are 4 different processors. Every incoming item needs to go trought every processor. The order instead is not important, so the processors can be loaded by availability. After the process is finished the item should be send to the queue again. Here is the issue. While the loading of the processors works fine the loading of the queue causes some problems. The operators dont load from the processors when the item is finished just sometimes. Someone knows the reason for that?

For this model I folllowed the solution from

How to create activity sequences based on availability rather than a set order? - FlexSim Community

A lot of thanks in advance!

Model for asking.fsm

FlexSim 23.0.0
tokensprocesss flow
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I think the main issues are:

1) that you're waiting until the processor finishes processing for ANY product, while the token needs to wait for its specfic product:


2) You're detecting the item entering Queue 2 every time and setting the machine labels to 1 - can't be good.

Attached is a fixed and simplified version where I use an array for the machines (this scales better to any number of machines in the Group 'Maschinen'.

I've also simplified the process flow and added a dispatcher in place of the Resources. I also made the list global and push to it on the Queue entry instead of the two process flows.


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Hello Jason,

thanks for the answer and the new model. Works perfectly for me.

I'm just curious: How do add more maschines which are the same like the present ones? For example: Instead, we have machine A twice (while the other machines remain single), but the object only has to pass machine A once.

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In that case you don't have a list of machines but a list of operations where each machine can do one step. So add a list of operations ('OP_A', 'OP_B' etc) and put a label on each machine saying what it can do and pull where there is a match.

Something like

WHERE Puller.OPnum IN Operations

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That makes a lot of sense. Thanks a lot!
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