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Hey guys:

I´ve created this model but it´s not running, I´ve created the labels but I don´t know why the model is not grabbing the proper labels.

I hope someone can help me

4-1 GLAZING process modelling with global tables - copia.fsm

FlexSim 24.1.0
global tablescycle timeinvalid row
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@Braian, Item Label "MyLabel1" has values larger than row numbers of your global table look up in "Cycle time". If you want to get a row by keyvalue of a column called MyLabel1 you should use getRowByKey-method to return the right row number.
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A table cell is addressed by row number and column number. You can replace those numbers by their header string values. Global Table cell row 23 and column 1 can you access by

Table("Cycle time")["23"]["Processor1"]

As you see in my comment, you can even evaluate a row number by a key value of a column.

Table("Cycle time")[Table("Cycle time").getRowByKey(item.MyLabel1,"MyLabel1")][current.Station]

wherein a row number is:

Table("Cycle time").getRowByKey(item.MyLabel1,"MyLabel1")

and a column header name is:


But you pass still a rownumber to return a value by global table lookup for a process time.

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Hi Thanks, but how can I use the whole table for each process and to run automatically?

{i dont quite understand your point of view)

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@Braian, first of ALL you wanted to know what error it was. Your point of view is, that you want to get a match of a value in Column called MyLabel1 to a value of the same row for Processor1, 2 or 3. But this is only possible if you evaluate your table first by finding the right row number. Or you use a different template which returns right away the process time directly by a different table method of a key value.

And besides this comment. Please do it, instead of discussing my approach. As I have tested it, your model works as intended and uses the whole table.

Instead of evaluating the row number in each process time function anew you could add another label at your item to store the matching row number of your global table.

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