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Outbound picking model with global table

Hello, Thank you for reading my question.
I am trying to make outbound picking process model which is based on global table.
I have 2 problems.
In my model, I am struggled in Order outbound in ProcessFlow

<Problem 1>
I made processFlow and my model doesn't follow Order data sequence from Global table.
My model is just picking item by FIFO. However, my order data is not like that.

Do I have to use "List" for solving this problem?

<Problem 2>
Also, I need to make my model working when My order data is all processed.
How can I repeat my processing until order data finished?

Thank you for reading my questions.

My version is 23.0.14


FlexSim 23.0.15
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For the first problem, you don't need to use a list, but you have to implement a query in the find slot activity to find the item that match de SKU on the table (for the current row).

Then, you can use a label representing a counter for the current row, so, when the counter match the number of rows of the table you can stop the simulation.

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Hello, Thank you for replying.

Could you explain little bit more about "Find Slot"?

I am also trying to use Find slot, but I am not good at using query.

Here is my Find slot setting and token properties below.

Actually, in the token properties, SlotAddress is wrong. I think it shows first of Rack slot,
but actually rack slot is different. Also, I think I need to make slot correct.

Can you check my model please?
Thank you very much.

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I'm using a query to match the item SKU with the SKU on the token. Also, just for items which are placed in the rack (I paint a new slot label).

Also, I'm creating token per row in the table.


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Hi, Thank you for helping. I was delightful to receive your answer.

I saw your model works perfectly. Also, I tried to check and attempted to edit my model. However, it didn't work and show this error message.

I think something is wrong in "Find Item" part, but I can't find any wrong.
In my opinion, Something wrong in Query, maybe "SKU_Name".
Is it correct?

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