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create decision point on incline conveyor

hello Team,

I am creating decision point on conveyor with a code. when the conveyor is flat, there is no issue the decision point is placed on the conveyor. however, when the conveyor is inclined (height at start is different than height at end of conveyor), the decision point is not placed on conveyor.

could you tell me how to place decision point on inclined conveyor?

myNode = createinstance(maintree().find("project/userlibrary/DecantLineLibrary/DP_Rotation"), currentConv); = objName;



FlexSim 23.2.1
decision pointusing code
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Generally, decision points would not be placed inside the conveyor. And the location coordinates of conveyors work differently from other objects which is likely why you are having problems placing the DP in the correct location.

Using the start and end location of the conveyor to calculate the position of the DP works. Though either the DP has to be inside the same container as the conveyor or the location coordinates must be projected to from the conveyor's container to that of the DP.

Object conveyor;
Object dp = Object.create("Conveyor::DecisionPoint"); Vec3 convStartLoc = conveyor.getProperty("StartLocation"); Vec3 convEndLoc = conveyor.getProperty("EndLocation"); double lengthFactor = 0.5; // DP is placed this fraction along the length of the conveyor Vec3 targetLoc = convStartLoc*(1-lengthFactor) + convEndLoc*lengthFactor; dp.setLocation(targetLoc, Vec3(0.5, 0.5, 0)); function_s(dp,"finalizeSpatialChanges");
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