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How to pull from list to follow global table?

Hello, Thank you for reading my question.

I want to make model follow this process.
In my model, "Piece Picking Process", I bring tote box based on Global table (table name is Order_Data)
I used pull from List to bring order data and then I want to make travel where I already set on global table. Global table has ordernumber, Picking Location and Quantities.

However, My model doesn't work travel activity.
And one more question, I wonder that if I use "List", I can see "id" for each data.
Is it possible to read data from lower class in "id"? I think I can find id number contains ordernumber, Location, Quantities, but I'm not sure possible to lower data in each ids.

Thank you in advanced.


FlexSim 22.2.0
global tablepull from listtravelarraylabel array
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The "id" you are seeing is a pointer to the token that was pulled off the list. Through the respective label you can access the labels on that token. ("token.pulled[N].Location_Inventory", for example)

So you'd run a subflow for each pulled order token and pull the needed piece quantity. The list option "Use First SELECT Value as Quantifier" makes is so that the requested/pulled quantity is subtracted from the label named as the first SELECT value. For example, when you request a quantity of 10, "SELECT PieceQty" would subtract 10 from the PieceQty list field. The item is kept on the list until the field becomes 0.


In another nested subflow you can then have the picker travel to each pulled item and create the number of pieces that was pulled from that box.


I fixed some issues in your model to get all this to work. I added the "Location_Inventory" to each box and changed the list field name accordingly, so the boxes can be pulled from the list filtered by location.

And you had a "&&" in the second Pull From List activity. Multiple WHERE clauses would be separated by either AND or OR. You do not need this when going from WHERE to ORDER BY.

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Hi, Thank you for replying. I checked your model and checked your model was working.

However, I tried to make my model like yours, My model didn't work.
I don't know why My Inventory list couldn't find location information and remained backorders.


I set list properties like that and tried to make as same as your model, but still not work.
Can you check one more time please?

Thank you very much.


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The location label has to be present on the items, since those are what is pushed to the list. Just copy the label to the boxes when creating them.


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My model is working. Thank you very much.

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